Good News Everyone!

FuturamaWelcome to! The one place on the internet where you can buy everything from Futurama even a box futurama lunch! Or futurama lunch box... however you say it, we have it!

And now for my best Farnsworth impression...

There is now a wonderful place where you can buy action figures that look like me, Hubert Farnsworth! And by Hubert Farnsworth of course, I am referring to myself... Hubert Farnsworth.
If you'd like to know how we acquired all this wonderful merchandise you can shove it because I'm too busy telling the story of how we acquired all this wonderful merchandise!
My crew was making a trip to KB09 also known as the Toy Planet, when some of the toys they were supposed to deliver "accidentally" "fell off" our mighty "spaceship"! Of course Fry and Leela got right out and recovered it all, it was then that Bender had the idea to steal it all and bring it back to Planet Express Headquarters to sell on the internet.

Okay, so I'm not Prof F but I love him just the same!
When Futurama originally came out I wasn't a bit interested. I was in love with family guy and south park and I didn't really watch the simpsons too much so I figured "meh". Years later after the show was canceled by the "Box" company I started watching it on adult swim and absolutely fell in love with Zoidberg. No I'm not gay. I'm a crabophile - big difference.

Anywho... I soon took on an insatiable lust for futurama that the meager offerings of Adult Swim could not slate. There were only a hand full of episodes of which I'd seen each one at least 10 times and I needed more.

Then finally, the joyful day came when it was announced that the makers of futurama were reviving the wonderful series! That was the day that my girfriend dumped me for getting a planet express logo tattooed on my forehead. But whatever - there's more fish in the sea.

Anyway, with my free time I've decided to collect as much futurama merchandise from the internet and sell it right here on my site. So you see, is a place where you can easily find any futurama related item in existence. If we don't have it, you can be pretty sure it doesn't exist. If you know it exists and we don't have it let us know

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go build a helper to find items to list on our website. He'll be a steel monster who can beat the average chess player at checkers, with skyscrapers for legs and a heart as red as blood.

Planet Express Delivery - Good News Everyone, Futurama Toys Are Here!

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